Thursday, June 21, 2007

my dainty, little feet

Brown, leather wingtips. Six pairs of them. And, my dainty, little feet complete with totally toffee colored toenails and strappy black sandals. Though clearly the smallest in size, my feet were quite conspicuous amidst the others. We stood in a circle, held hands and prayed. Then the six of us entered into the sanctuary to lead the morning’s worship.

I’ve come to appreciate my femininity. I’m certain that God made me a woman because it brings Him more glory than if I were a man. I am delighted to be created in His image. I am thrilled that He wants to use me to build His kingdom. I am thankful that He forgives my sins, hears my prayers, and gifts me for His service. I am praising Him that my gender is a gift from Him and that it wasn’t a surprise that I was a woman, but it was a part of His perfect plan. No, it wasn’t a surprise that I would think like a woman, act like a woman, or communicate like a woman. No, it wasn’t a surprise that I would have dainty little feet, adorn my toenails with totally toffee polish, or wear strappy black sandals. That’s exactly what He intended.

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