Friday, December 21, 2007

road to perdition

In Road to Perdition there is a striking scene between Michael Sullivan and his son. At this point in the movie, the two have robbed a number of banks and now have a large amount of money. Michael Jr. asks his father if he can have a share in what has been stolen. His father asks him how much he would like. Michael Jr. thinks and then says “$200” as if he was asking for a large sum. His father agrees to give him the money. Had Michael Jr. been able to comprehend the amount of money that they had stolen, perhaps he would have asked for a whole lot more.

I have to wonder if we do the same thing. Often my prayers are simple, trite requests. If I really believed all that I say I do, I wonder if my prayer life would look different. If I was allowing the Word of God to inform my appeals, maybe I would be asking for different things. If I could comprehend the treasury of Heaven, perhaps I would ask for a whole lot more.

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