Sunday, November 9, 2008

oreo satisfaction

The other day in my Bible study we were discussing how we remember the things in our lives that the Lord has done. Shortly there after I was reading through my blog and thinking about it, and I realized that a lot of the things that I want to remember I put on my blog. So, I want to invite you to leave your thoughts, ideas, learnings from the past week on my Sunday Symposium posts. I hope it is an encouragement to many!

Here's my thought from this Sabbath day:
So, Matt preached this morning, and for his children's sermon he pulled out a bag of oreos. I wouldn't have thought about oreos without his suggestion of them. But, once I saw them, and he started to share about them (that they have 12 flowers on each cookie, that they come in 12 different types, that they started in something like 1916, that if we wrapped all of the oreos even eaten around the earth it would go around like 6.5 time), then I wanted to eat one! After he got done sharing, he said, "boy, I'm full!" And then, he asked the children if they were full. He revealed to us through his oreos that it is not satisfying to merely talk about oreos, but it is satisfying to eat them. And, the same is true with God. It is not satisfying to merely talk about God, but He says, "taste and see that I am good." Matt promised the children oreos, and I sat there and thought...after church, I'm going to go on over to Cub and get myself some oreos! The power of suggestion is a mighty thing. And, I believe that perhaps one of the best things we can do to encourage each other is to talk about our faith...tell people about the oreos. But, we can't stop there, we need to help them get their hands on some oreos to eat as well.

How many of you are going to head to your nearest grocery store and buy some oreos after reading this post?

just so you know....
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  1. My mouth is watering. Can i have some milk and oreos? ;)

    This morning in sunday school we looked at the story of Jonathan and David. I don't think i've ever realized what a bond there was between these two men. They were both great men of war, they were both loyal to the King, and through their friendship, they both exibit an incredible amount of love. As i look at their story, i see two forms of love...or maybe it's just one. 1 Samuel 18:1" After David had finished talking with Saul, Jonathan became one in spirit with David, and he loved him as himself." There was an immediate bond which formed between Jonathan and David. Their love for each other was seemingly indestructible.
    I wonder if this kind of love can be found in any of my relationships. I think about my experiences of first impressions. Usually, I can sense the flavor of the relationship from the very beginning. I know almost immediately if this friendship will be one i will cherish forever, or one i will laugh off, learn through, and forget when the next faze comes. Sometimes, when i meet a person, i can see something different, something lasting in their eyes when i shake their hand, in their feet when i watch them walk, and in their words when i listen to their story. I wonder if this was there when Jonathan met David.
    As i sat in my small group this morning, i thought about the certain people who have changed my life from their first glance. From the moment i shook their hand, there was a bond. An indestructible bond.
    I think, maybe, i've experienced a few relationships like the one exhibited by Jonathan and David. I think, maybe, these relationships are more than something i've stumbled into. And I think, maybe, I serve a God who knows how to place these people in my life at absolutely perfect moments. No, i don't think, I know.

  2. I've been thinking lately about the relationship between wisdom and righteousness. How are they different? Where do they overlap?

  3. As i thought about the relationship between Wisdom and Righteousness, a certain person came to mind. A woman from my church is one of the most encouraging and godly people i know. I would say she exhibits righteousness. A couple weeks ago i talked to this woman and she asked me what i am involved in this year. I told her about the different classes i'm taking and mentioned that i wanted to get a job as a CNA. She looked at me and said, "I think i would advise you not to get a job." It shocked me at first but then i realized the wisdom in her words. I really don't have time for a job. I immediately trusted her and believed her words were wise because her example of righteousness was evident in all areas of her life.

    So there is how i've seen them connected in my life.

    One other thought that came to mind is that we are made righteous in God's sight because of the work of his Son (Rom. 5:19), but we are not immediately given wisdom. So, is it true that we are in one sense given righteousness, but we must strive for/ask for wisdom?

  4. I confess that Perrin and I bought a bag of Double Stuff Oreos on Sunday evening after hearing Matt's sermon. We ate the whole bag within about three days.