Tuesday, May 5, 2009

stood still

the sounds of thunder rumbled through the skies. the first drop of rain found my cheek, the second my arm, and the third my nose. clouds were closing in, and there i stood.

drip... drip...

i looked down to see specks of moisture now painting the sidewalk. and, still i stood there.

drip. drip. drop. drip. drip. drop.

picking up intensity, the precipitation continued to fall. my jeans were soaked. they were holding in the water as if they didn't ever want to let it go. my shirt pushed the rain away at first and then began to absorb it. and still, i stood there.

drip, drip, drop. drip, drip, drop.

as the rain cloaked me in water my mind wandered. there was a freshness. it was as if the spring rain came and removed all of the dirt and grime that had built up within me during the past months. and i stood still.

drip, drop. drip, drop. drip, drop.

completely drenched. completely clean. standing completely still.

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