Friday, February 22, 2008

my secret weapon

A professor of mine used to compare life to a spiral. She said that often we would find ourselves returning to the same dilemmas again and again. I think there was wisdom in her words. It seems to me that the monsters I face look very similar, but they will have a new superpower and be lacking the secret weapon that the previous one had.

I was talking to a friend this morning, and both of us commented that it is fun to watch the other grow. As we face these monsters in our lives, it is clear that we, too, have new superpowers that help us to battle the war that is before us. Today trust happened to be the secret weapon that both of us had acquired. It’s an important one. It is the one that allows you the freedom to say, “no matter what the outcome of this battle, it doesn’t impact whether or not we will be ok.” I am so convinced that God has not stepped out of the battle, so whether or not it appears to be a win or a loss, His presence makes it a win. He is big enough to bandage up my wounds. He is great enough to redeem all the losses. He loves me enough to be my Savior. And, actually, that is the only win worth counting.

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