Saturday, May 17, 2008

just because you love something...

It’s funny, just because you love something doesn’t mean you have to own it. And, just because you love something doesn’t mean that another will never come along. Sometimes I think that when I have found something wonderful that I need to wrap my hands around it. That life would be over if it got away. That I would never find something so wonderful ever again.

This past month I made an offer on my town home. After some negotiation, we came to an agreed upon price. I got all of my documents in order, submitted them to the bank, and contacted a lawyer. My loan was approved, and the purchase agreement was written. And, all the while, I felt confident that I was making a good decision. I love my home. I love that it has two decks, a spare bedroom, a beautiful backyard, space to entertain…and the list goes on.

This week was supposed to be the week that I signed the purchase agreement. But, the day that I was scheduled to meet with the owners was a terrible day on a variety of levels. So, I rescheduled with them for later in the week still intending to sign. But, something happened. Tears flowed, prayers were pleaded, and God moved. Thursday night I decided that even though I dearly love this place that I call home, it is not something that I should wrap my hands around. The Lord has other things in store. And, only one thing that I need to wrap my hands around…Him.

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