Sunday, August 31, 2008

small enough

After a round of hugs, Mom would help us button up our coats. We would walk out into the dark night with the stars shining above us. Depending on who was the quickest to call it, one of us would climb in the front seat between Mom and Dad. The other two would buckle up in the back seat. It was a short eight mile drive home from Grandpa and Grandma’s, but long enough to fall asleep. I would try my hardest to get comfortable and be sleeping before the red granada would climb our driveway and deliver us home.

If sleep didn’t overtake me fast enough, I would still be awake when we got there. These were the times that I would press my eyes together, be very quiet and pretend to be sleeping. And, if I played the game well enough, my daddy’s strong arms would scoop me up and carry me to my room.

Sometimes I wish I was still small enough to pretend to be sleeping just so that I could feel the strong warmth in those protective arms.

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