Thursday, August 28, 2008

trade the moment

The last comment I made on my “about 50 things left to do” post has me thinking. When I consider the lives of Abraham, Moses, Deborah, Jeremiah, Hosea, Zechariah, Mary or Paul, I wonder if any of them actually lived the lives they were expecting. For instance, when Abraham was asked to leave his home, I wonder if he expected to one day after finally receiving a child, be asked to sacrifice his child to this very God who had called him into the wilderness. It seems to me that most biblical characters are given lives of adventure. The Lord’s servants do things like command animals to speak, fire to drop from heaven, blind men to see, and the dead to walk. Others dine with sinners, eat unclean food, give away their savings, rest during times of calamity, and are reprimanded for defending the Son of God. No, the ways of the Lord often aren’t what we are expecting.

The funny thing about the unexpected is that it is almost always better than what we had planned. I’m pretty sure that Abraham when commanded to take his son, his only son to the top of Mount Moriah and sacrifice him to the Lord, was angry and confused. But, I’d like to think that the worship that took place after the Lord provided the lamb was authentic, and that Abraham wouldn’t trade that moment of worshiping with Isaac for anything.

So, here I am. A little confused. At moments angry. But, I am also confident that the Lord is preparing me for something. And, I am sure that when the time comes for others to find me bowing down in worship, I won’t want to trade that moment for anything, either.

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