Sunday, January 11, 2009

what i know is coming

The clouds hovered in the sky. The road was wet with melting snow. The heater in my little Honda kept me warm on this cold January day in Minnesota. And, as I curved to the right where one large interstate split off of another, a thought flickered in my mind. I suddenly got giddy as I realized that spring would indeed come. There are several things about this that are odd. One, there was nothing pointing toward spring at that moment except perhaps my brain wondering-off and brainstorming ideas for Lent on my drive home. And two, the thought of spring literally brought about a physical response of elation. I was honestly a little startled by my unexpected emotions. So, as I neared my exit I began thinking about the joy I find in the promise of spring. As I pulled into my neighborhood, I was struck by the excitement I felt about the impending season of spring, and its relationship to the excitement we should feel as Christ's return is imminent.

During 8th grade in the middle of winter a teacher of mine decided she had had enough of the cold Iowa winter. So, she brought in a wading pool, a bunch of water toys, and a few other warmer-weather props. Our activities that week were designed to celebrate what we knew was coming but wasn't there yet. And, in some strange way, it gave us a sense of hope that the cold dreary days of winter wouldn't last forever.

So, this week, I'm going to celebrate spring. I'm hoping for a few more butterflies, even if they do only exist in my stomach. And, I'm looking forward to celebrating that which I know is approaching, even though it isn't here yet.

Don't tell my mom, but I might even not wear my coat. :)

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