Monday, January 5, 2009

i am moved

This morning I am struck by the first years of Jesus' life. Not so long ago I was having a conversation with a friend about the patterns of the stars during Mary's pregnancy and into the first years of Christ's life. My friend was telling me all about the constellations and how they have simulated with computer programs the actual sky that the so called "Kings" would have been studying as they were waiting and watching for the miraculous coming of the Messiah. The crazy thing (or not so crazy, really) is that the patterns found in the skies so many years ago actually line up with the account found in the pages of Scripture. I am not an astrologist, but it fits in with my experience with Scripture.

So, I've been reflecting on this all of Advent and now during Christmastide. And, as I opened my Bible this morning to read Matthew's account of Jesus' birth, several things moved me to worship.

First, the account of the Magi now makes more sense. It doesn't seem to be one star that they followed, but several constellations that announced such spectacular things with an amazing amount of accuracy. Our God is a god who rules all of the universe.

Second, so much prophecy. So much fulfillment. Our God is a god who rules all of the timing of all of the days.

Third, Joseph was a critical piece of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The account reveals to us Joseph's constant attention to direction from the Lord. It was no small thing for him to take Mary to be his wife and receive Jesus into his lineage. It was no small thing for him to pack up and go to Bethlehem with a very pregnant wife. It was no small thing for him to consistently hear and obey the voice of the Lord as our God instructed Joseph to move his family from place to place. And, I imagine it was no small thing for him to move them again and again as the Lord commanded it step-by-step. Maybe it's because I'm on my tenth address in three years, and I don't really understand the purpose of the constant transition, but looking at the story of our Lord shows me that with each move there was purpose, and with each move it may or may not have been clear to Joseph just why the Lord was moving him and his family as He was. Our God is a god who rules the universe, it's timing, and our timing within that timing.

And, I am moved.

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