Tuesday, February 3, 2009

town mouse, country mouse

Collin Hansen's article on the Out of Ur blog grasps the concern I had throughout seminary. I dearly love people in small Midwestern towns, so when my friends were discussing the great opportunities found in the cities, I was lamenting the few pastors who were heading to the country.

"Rural pastors are disappearing even faster than the general population, leaving graying congregations helpless in their time of greatest need." - David Van Biema

And, here I sit in a great urban area with not one but two Starbucks down the street. And, for the reasons why...read the article.


  1. interesting thoughts. wonder what the "call" to rural ministry looks like. probably something a little more like bad pay for too much work. (don't) sign me up. i went to seminary to strike it rich as a mega church pastor. :)

    seriously though, i wonder what the "call" looks like.


  2. hmm...what does the "call" to overseas mission work look like? or to any sort of ministry look like?

    the best way i've come to explain my own personal "call" is an awareness that there isn't anything else i could do that would bring satisfaction. i'm not sure scripture really lays it out for us... God does it. people respond. for some, He spoke audibly. for some, He spoke through others. for some, He put things like burning bushes in their path. but, for me He has closed doors and opened doors. He has used others to speak truth to me. He has given me an excitement for the work that He has for me to do.

    so, andy, do you agree with these things? cuz if so, pack your bags. i'm telling you, you would make an incredible rural pastor. :) and, i bet you would strike it rich...but probably not in monetary form.