Monday, January 29, 2007

worth the risk?

I had invested many hours in her. As I talked with her, I treasured her heart more and more. I saw something in her that not everyone saw. A drive. A desire to be authentic. A longing to change the world making it a better place. This world needed her. I needed her to challenge and change me. We discussed the possibility of a mentoring relationship. I was ready to love and accept her. I was ready to walk with her and fight with her. Simply put, in a sense I was ready to take on her brokenness with her. She decided against it, and I felt incredibly rejected. That something that I saw in her was valuable. It didn’t matter what mistakes were in the past; I wanted to see her through. What makes people pull away? What makes people so afraid of being in relationship? What makes people want to hide?

What does it mean to be in relationship with others? I feel like every relationship is dangerous. Every time we offer love, there is a chance that it will be rejected. But, I am fully convinced it is worth the risk.

I was praying about this. The Lord quieted my heart and powerfully reminded me that I do the same thing – only more so. He strongly desires to be in relationship with me. He wants to walk with me, to love me, to forgive me. He has in the truest sense taken on my brokenness. And yet, I pull away. I close off my heart. I hide.

Today I am struck by our rejection of Jesus.

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