Monday, February 5, 2007

what we are looking for

The instructions came in an email. He had laid out the spacing, the words, and the order they should be placed in; basically, he had laid out what he wanted. It didn’t take long to create a flyer that met his specifications. It looked like most flyers that you might find on a bulletin board. It was predictable and informative with a piece of clipart smack-dab in the middle. With a little bit of creativity, the designer began to create a flyer that was eye-catching. In a simple font, “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing” was scripted across the top. She added filters and innovation to a photo giving the dancing couple a striking appearance. At the bottom of the flyer was all the information the viewer needed. This flyer still had the needed details, but followed none of the instructions for the design. I presented the first option to our client telling him this is what he had asked for. He seemed satisfied. I told him that with a little bit of time and creativity the second one had been created. And, it was clear this was the one he preferred.

Perhaps sometimes what we think we are looking for isn’t really what we are looking for at all.

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