Monday, February 5, 2007

we cheer big

One my dear friends teaches children. She frequently attends basketball games, and because it is such a small school, sometimes the teams they play will be 2nd-8th Graders. She reflected on how you cheer for different things as a result of their age. For some little boys and girls it takes everything they’ve got to just run down the court. Now, if you add a basketball to that it becomes very difficult. One little girl with dark brown hair and deep brown eyes was in second grade. She was trying so hard out there. Dribbling took all of her concentration. The crowd cheered simply because she moved across the court. My dear friend used this story to remind me that we cheer big for great accomplishments. And, “great” accomplishments don’t always look the same.

Today I got groceries without being overwhelmed, called the electric company, and did all of my dishes. And, we cheer big.

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