Monday, March 9, 2009

heartbreaking and tragic

My heart is breaking for the family of Dr. Fred Winters and the congregation of the First Baptist Church in Maryville, IL after the tragic events which happened yesterday morning. I'm encouraged by the words on their website:
In this day, where uncertainty seems to abound creating an environment in which people are vulnerable in doing things they might not do otherwise, one thing is certain, we, as human beings need a foundation upon which we can live our lives. We at First Baptist Maryville, along with other Christian believers, share this conviction: that foundation is God’s Word. In the pages of the Book we call the Bible, we find the pathway for peace, hope, and a quality of living life despite what circumstances we find ourselves in.
In moments like these a short prayer often comes to mind "Do something amazing! Please, Lord, do something amazing." Believing in a God who redeems tragedies and uses evil for good helps me to find peace and hope in the midst of these sorts of situations.

[sitting in silence]

Not wanting to steal any of the attention, I hesitate to even add my own thoughts to this. However, since this is my blog and therefore my perspective, here's a quick blip from me:

This shakes me up a bit. And, as I consider what this may have looked like inside the doors of the building I serve in, specific faces come to mind. And, I would like to note just how dear these faces have become to me. The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful church body to call my family, and I am so thankful. In some strange way, as I sit here and consider dear friends who will soon pack their bags and head halfway across the world to begin a lifelong ministry to a people they dearly love though they haven't met, I am even more confident that where I am is where I need to be. In a place where we have the freedom to worship though little-by-little it isn't as safe as we all thought it would be.

And, I join with the family of believers at First Baptist who invite those of us who believe in the power of prayer to pray with them...

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