Thursday, March 6, 2008

before and after shots: a makeover

“Whether it’s a change in season or in our homes, most of us are fascinated by makeovers. From magazines to television shows to Web sites, we drink in reinventions of almost every conceivable thing: rooms, wardrobes, cars, bodies, even relationships. Why? Because aside from a little silliness here and there, makeovers are particularly instructive. They offer a window into the process of transformation, the whys, the hows, and the actions that bring it about. For example, I’ve rarely seen an After picture for this magazine that didn’t seem more valuable with a Before photo alongside,” comments Gayle Goodson Butler, Editor and Chief of Better Homes and Gardens regarding the magazine’s commitment to makeovers in the month of March.

I think the same principle is true of our sanctification process. We need some Before and After pictures to remind us who we were and who we are becoming. My retreat in California the past couple of days has felt a bit like a makeover. Spending time with someone who knows me – my history, my failures, my waiting, and my celebrations – has provided a Before shot and some perspective. She can help me see the pictures that are so necessary to see what God has been doing. I feel like I am returning home with a new perspective, with new insights into my walk with the Lord, with new ideas concerning my ministry. The Lord has moved in some big ways revealing more about Himself and more about His love for me. Journaling and talking through these things with my dear friend has been similar to an After shot. Comparing these images reminds me just how much work the Lord has done in me. And, if that is true, I am quite confident that the After shots taken now will in time be the encouraging Before shots of the future.

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