Tuesday, March 4, 2008

for this very moment...

I wonder what I was doing a year ago…I wonder if you had told me I would live in the Midwest, my mother would be cancer-free, that I would have my dream job, that I would live in a town home and still drive L.E. if I would have believed you. I also wonder if you had told me I would be in California even two weeks ago if I would have believed you. It seems so clear to me that God only gives us what we can handle. That’s why the journey is so important. There are things to learn. There are obstacles to overcome. There are fears to fight. There are battles to conquer and people to love. Lord, thank you for this very moment. A moment in the journey. A moment where I sit drinking in the ocean breeze and the sounds of the waves as they collapse on the shore. A sight to behold. The blue of the ocean just below the bumpy terrain of the mountains which tower above the palm trees that line the walk way. The white on the waves and the reddish roofs that dot the landscape. And, for a moment I am here. Sand beneath my feet. Pen in hand. Heart open to hear your voice. Father, please speak, for your servant is listening.

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