Thursday, December 11, 2008

a healing balm

Little white lights adorn the Christmas tree. The fire crackles from the fireplace. From another room, I hear the echoes of a father reading Scripture to his son. And, just behind me is the quiet breathing of an infant.

During seminary, I decided I didn't want to have children. I was selfishly consumed with my call to ministry and, honestly, didn't want to have to care for anyone else. A good friend of mine was a nanny during our time in seminary, and I remember being amazed that day after day she could care for someone else's kids.

The Lord does indeed have a sense of humor. As I was entering into a new phase of life with transitions and change coming at me from every direction, a wonderful couple - Chris and Sarah - and their five children fell into my life. The Lord knew that I needed lots of hugs and tackles. He knew that I needed to be richly and freely loved. He knew that I needed the healing balm which comes from five beautiful boys.

So, following an evening of corndogs, crying and caretaking, after lots of hugs and some storytelling, with toys strewn about the floor, clean dishes in the dishwasher and five little ones in bed, I praise God that in His creative wisdom He has crafted His children to begin as precious little ones. To begin as innocent yet naughty, wise yet foolish, untainted yet fallen children who love with abandon. And, I praise Him that I am privileged enough to receive just a little of that love from these five energetic little boys who I have come to absolutely adore.

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  1. That's beautiful, Julia. I love the "hugs and tackles" line. Thanks for loving our family. You've been such a blessing to us. Chris