Friday, December 5, 2008

little red dots

We were talking about dogs and cats. Laughing at the different things they do. I commented on having made cats run in circles with a laser pointer, and Becca laughed and began to tell me about the way her parents dogs would follow the little red dot, too. She said sometimes you have to let the dogs think they have caught whatever it is they are chasing, so you let them tackle the dot and then turn off the laser.

And, I wonder if sometimes God does the same thing. If sometimes we are so intent upon the little red dot and so distracted by it that God watches us chase nothing and then lets us think we caught it. But, really we have captured nothing. And, soon enough we get bored with our nothing and start searching for that darn red dot again. And all the while, His heart breaks for those of us who keep chasing after nothing.

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