Sunday, December 28, 2008

the power of silence

I'm a new fan of Mark Driscoll. Here are a couple of thoughts from his blog. His questions made me think about my own life that is full of noise...

"I remembered the words of missionary martyr Jim Elliot, who said, 'I think the devil has made it his business to monopolize on three elements: noise, hurry, crowds . . . Satan is quite aware of the power of silence.'

"I began to ponder what Jesus’ life might be like if He lived today. Would He be available to all of His followers twenty-four hours a day on His BlackBerry? Would He have left His phone on at the Last Supper and been continually interrupted by needless calls? Would He have failed to stop and speak to needy people because their weeping was not loud enough for Him to hear over His iPod as He hurried past them on His way to a meeting He was already late for?

"In that moment I prayed, asking God for His wisdom and help to save me from myself."

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